Monday, May 29, 2006


Monday Madness - EU outrage

Scum Here is a disgusting story which typifies why the EU poses such a dangerous threat to Irish sovereignty as well as the sovereignty of other European nation-states.

European judges will rule tomorrow on the legality of a decision by the Irish government to complain to the United Nations about the Sellafield nuclear plant. Can you believe this?

The Government launched UN action in 2001 over marine pollution from the site, on the Irish Sea coast of Britain in Cumbria and a UN Tribunal responded with recommendations for helping solve the long-running and bitter Anglo-Irish dispute, however the European Commission went to court accusing Ireland of breaching rules obliging member states to keep disputes involving EU law within EU jurisdiction.

An Advocate-General at the European Court of Justice has already backed the Commission’s case that the environmental conflict over Sellafield should be tackled within the EU.

Lawyers for the Irish Government argued that Dublin was right to turn to the UN, because the case against the UK concerned the alleged flouting by the Sellafield plant’s operators of marine environmental protection obligations under the UN Tribunal on the Law of the Sea.

The Tribunal itself concluded that the dispute was soley based on UN requirements, even recommending "provisional measures" to resolve the problem, including further exchanges of information between the UK and Ireland, the monitoring of potential risks for the Irish Sea and pollution prevention measures.

But the Commission said environmental protection was an area of joint EU legal responsibility and that Ireland should not have asked a UN body to interpret EU laws and declare Britain’s responsibilities under them.

Earlier this year the Advocate-General Miguel Poiares Maduro said Ireland had breached its "duty of cooperation" under EU law by invoking UN dispute settlement procedures, without consulting Brussels.

This is disgraceful. Essentially Ireland is being castigated for not going to the EU to solve a problem.

Well here's my thoughts - why the bloody hell should we?

I must have missed the referendum where the people of this country signed away our sovereignty and declared the European Union to be Ireland's masters.

If the Irish government had any backbone they would tell the EU to get stuffed.

And people wonder why I am not enamoured with the European Union? I've heard all the arguments, "Oh they have done so much for us", "Oh we owe them a debt of gratitude blah, blah, blah".

Bullshit. This is the real face of the European Union. It is an expansionist project whose ultimate aim is to override the sovereignty of nation-states and to make itself all-powerful.

It is a force of evil and it must not be allowed to destroy Irish independence.


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