Saturday, April 22, 2006


TD hails teaching of anthem in schools

Brady has pushed for compulsory teaching of anthemThe decision to provide every primary school in the country with a recording of the national anthem marks a major step towards the compulsory teaching of Amhran na bhFiann, Fianna Fáil TD Martin Brady has claimed.

Mr Brady, TD for Dublin North East, said distribution of a CD of the National Children’s Choir singing the national anthem was a welcome step:

"There is clearly a desire amongst Irish people and especially our young people to learn the anthem and its history.

"Since I first called for the compulsory teaching of the national anthem I have been overwhelmed by the public response with messages of support coming from across the country."

Mr Brady said Minister for Education Mary Hanafin’s swift action on the issue would ensure teachers and young students have easy access to a recording of the anthem:

"I will be contacting the minister to see if the teaching of the history of Amhran Na bhFiann can also be included in the civics curriculum at second level schools," he added.

"If the 1916 commemorations have shown anything it is the thirst amongst people to reconnect and understand our history.

"The national anthem was there during key moments of that history, we owe it to the memory of those who gave everything to ensure it remains at the centre of major public events in this country."

I echo Mr Brady's sentiments. There should be compulsory teaching of the national anthem I feel. Go to a football game at Lansdowne Road and observe the average Irish Joe's grasp of the anthem:

"Sinne Fianna Fá, na, na, na, na, something..."

Not good enough! I was never taught the anthem in my school but I learned it myself by getting hold of the lyrics and by applying it to the tune.

I think most Irish students would welcome compulsory teaching of the anthem. Not only because it's a part of our culture, but because it's embarrassing to not know the words of your own country's anthem.

Let's sort this out!


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