Saturday, April 22, 2006


Peace Activist 'made up' torture claims

Well said, sir!I was amused but not at all surprised to hear that Edward Horgan, spokesman for the 'Mid West Alliance against the War', has been accused of making up evidence by Fianna Fail's West of Ireland MEP, Sean O Neachtain (pictured left).

Mr Horgan is someone whose opinions I have challenged before here on United Irelander. Mr Horgan can always be counted on to spout dodgy figures as well as make the obligatory Nazi reference when denouncing what he sees as Irish complicity in the War on Terror.

Mr Horgan has in the past come up with such gems as these:

"We need to make peace on terror, not war."

"Some people still choose to deny the Holocaust. Now many Irish people wish to deny Ireland’s participation in crimes against humanity."

Now he is involved in the ongoing special EU inquiry into alleged CIA torture flights through Shannon airport, but politicians from a variety of parties said the submission by Edward Horgan to the inquiry lacked hard evidence to substantiate his claim that Shannon Airport was being used to facilitate such flights.

Mr Horgan said unless he broke into a CIA-controlled private jet at the airport, he would be unable to provide concrete evidence. He conceded:

"I don't have a smoking gun, as it were, of seeing prisoners at Shannon airport."

I have no proof
Evidence Schmevidence!

He was challenged to produce evidence however by Fianna Fail MEP Sean O Neachtain:

"How can you claim up to 100 flights have gone through without any concrete evidence?"

The testimony being offered to the inquiry was disingenuous and "made up, it's totally based on your opinion", he added.

Well said, Mr O Neachtain. It seems to me that Mr Horgan is prepared to pass off a few porkies in order to get support for his position.

Mr Horgan needs to stop taking us all for a bunch of fools.

He's not only making a mockery of himself but also the various Irish anti-war movements.


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