Friday, April 21, 2006


Some bits and bobs...

It's been two weeks I think since I've been able to publish an interview for my Words on Wednesday feature. The reason for that is I've not heard back from some politicians who had agreed to give me an interview (politicians breaking promises, the very idea!)

However, my experiences in dealing with these politicians is that while some tell you anything you want to hear, others are really genuine, fine people who stick to their word. One such gentleman is Witold Sobkow, Polish ambassador to Ireland, and I will be publishing my interview with the Ambassador on Wednesday, 26th April, here on United Irelander.

There are estimated to be over 100,000 Polish people living in the Irish Republic right now and the interview will discuss the relationship betwen Poland and Ireland as well as how Polish people are finding their time here in Ireland.

It should prove an interesting read. I've also had assurances from other high profile names in Irish politics that they will give me interviews and assuming they keep their word, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The Wednesday interviews have proved popular and I hope that trend continues. And now from one thriving idea to one not-so-thriving idea...

You know, blogging ideas are alot like throwing sausages up at the ceiling. Every now and then one will stick. But every now and then one will slowly start to peel away until you simply have to brush it off. So with that bizarre meat analogy being said, I've decided to scrap my idea for Weekend Guest Posts. Thanks again to mwk, Frank and Parnell who offered up articles.

You can still contribute an article to United Irelander though if you want by emailing it to me through the address on the sidebar.

So that's pretty much the news here on UI. As you were!


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