Thursday, March 16, 2006


'Give flags to schools for 1916 Rising' - TD

Well said, sir! I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed by Fianna Fáil TD Tom McEllistrim who has called for every primary school in Ireland to be given a Tricolour to mark the 90th anniversary of the Easter 1916 Rising next month.

The Kerry North representative, whose grandfather fought in the War of Independence, said pupils should be reminded of their history and take pride in it:

"The Tricolour is a deeply symbolic flag. Its colours capture our nation’s past and the prospect of a lasting peace forged by the Good Friday Agreement.

"Our younger generation should be constantly reminded of Ireland’s national identity and take pride in her history."

He said he would raise the issue with the Education Minister Mary Hanafin.

Well said, Mr McEllistrim! I must say I think patriotism is something sadly lacking in our public schools. At my school we didn't even have an Irish flag. How pathetic is that?

Let us take pride in our great flag

Time to restore some pride

I too would like to see all schools given Irish tricolours in the run up the Easter Rising celebrations and they should be taught how significant the Easter Rising was towards giving them the freedom they possess today.

We shouldn't be afraid to show pride in our country's history and in the brave, heroic stand taken by the 1916 rebels.


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