Monday, March 20, 2006


Dubliners 'friendliest and most helpful'

Go Dublin! I see that in a survey carried out by the world's largest online travel information and advice site, TripAdvisor, which surveyed more than 1,800 travellers worldwide, Dubliners have been voted the friendliest and most helpful locals in Europe!

Dubliners just edged out Londoners to top place, although Londoners were voted the most affable citizens in Europe by Americans.

Overall this is great news although I'm guessing that those surveyed, thankfully, didn't take these guys into account.

The survey also found that if people could choose just one Western European city to visit in 2006, Rome would be the most popular destination among travellers, with sister Italian city Venice placing second.

Hmm. Can't really argue with any of that. I must say I think Dubliners generally are very friendly people (not that I'm biased) and this news is a welcome boost for Dublin's image.

And as well as that, Cork didn't feature at all! Fantastic!


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