Friday, March 17, 2006


Ahern urges US to pass legislation for Irish

Let them stay, urges Taoiseach It's good to see the Taoiseach making a case for the estimated 50,000 to 70,000 illegal Irish immigrants in the United States.

Bertie Ahern has urged the US Senate to pass immigration legislation that would benefit the Irish there.

He said he would raise the issue in talks with US President George Bush as he did during a day of talks with members of Congress.

After meeting with Republican Senator John McCain, the Taoiseach said:

"We understand your concern about the need for better security and tightened borders.

"We do not want to interfere in your affairs but we will put forward our case."

He thanked Mr McCain for his support on the immigration issue.

Can Ahern convince Bush?

'Ah let them stay'
'Bertie you're...hurting me'

McCain and Sen Edward Kennedy are among those sponsoring immigration bills that the Judiciary Committee is considering.

Asked by an Irish journalist if exceptions could be made for members of a national group, McCain said he opposes he opposes special treatment for national groups such as the Irish in other immigration legislation under consideration in the Senate.

McCain said if the Senate does not pass comprehensive immigration legislation, it will be an issue in the congressional elections in November. He said it will not go away because fundamental reform is required:

"I am hesitant to start carving out national groups such as the Irish or the Poles or Ukrainians."

"I would rather focus on a comprehensive solution."

I personally hope that the US does the right thing and allows the Irish living over there to stay. Think of the history between our two great nations. Think of the friendship.

Do the right thing, America. I trust you will.


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