Sunday, March 19, 2006


English reaction to Irish heroics

Beautiful moment wasn't it?The English are usually quite magnanimous in defeat but there a fair few English people who seem quite bitter about Saturday's events. Not least, England rugby coach Andy Robinson.

Robinson is bemoaning all three tries which Ireland scored in their 28-24 victory over the English:

"I'm very upset about the three tries that were given."

"I'm really frustrated for the boys because I thought they put in a huge effort.

"That was a positive step for us. On another day we would have won the match and won it well."

"We've lost the game by four points. It's small margins, but nothing really went our way today. I couldn't fault the effort of our players."

"At times we played some very good rugby. I just felt throughout that Ireland were allowed to slow our ball down and when we slowed their ball down we got penalised."

Sour grapes? Sure seems like it. On the BBC's website, a few English rugby fans are quite bitter too:

"shut up, the officiating was poor and it directly led to 2 Irish tries"

But to be fair, most English fans did indeed take the defeat on the chin:

"Just want to add, please please fellow English, stop blaming the ref, we were crap, and it makes us sound terrible losers. Bad decisions even out over the tournament, we should just accept defeat gracefully and get on with it.

"There does seem alot of England supporters moaning over the touch judge decisions but at the end of the day all these things cut both ways. I suppose alot of this is just borne of frustration and a bit of straw grasping. Bottom line is both teams were pretty evenly matched today and Ireland came out on top and deserved to win. It was a great match and a fitting end to what has been a mixed 6N's. As an England supporter it hurts like hell to see BOD lifting the triple crown at HQ but thats what sport is all about. Remember my fellow countrymen, character and backbone is shown in defeat as much as victory. Once again, well done Ireland."

Like I said, most English fans adopted this attitude:

"Yep, I'm English and terribly depressed about the state we are in, but well done Ireland. The fact is, Ireland were losing to us with a couple of minutes to go but with a bit of brilliance that we (i.e. England) haven't shown in years (and certainly aren't capable of now) Ireland did what they needed and got what they deserved with a fantastic try. It was a brilliant initial break and superbly executed touchdown. Hats off to them.

"Excuses for our defeat are just that. It's the 3rd win a row for Ireland against us - that's not luck! The fact is England are World Champions (God it seems such a long time ago) and shouldn't be having to argue the toss about decisions here and there. Some you get, some you don't. You make your own luck and the way we play - we don't deserve any.

"Ireland have quality in certain positions (and coaching) that we no longer do and even when we took the lead with that Goode penalty, somehow you always thought that the Irish backs would come up with something, which of course they did. When you are in that position and you do it, as Ireland did, what can you can say but very well done - I only wish we'd have been capable of the same, but of course, we are miles away from being able to do that at the moment.

Maybe Andy Robinson should take a leaf out of their book?

And we Irish can be fairly magnanimous in victory too. Take for example this comment from an Irish fan:

"To the 18 year old with the lump in throat. Obviously not in Landsdowne Road in the early 70's when the English turned up and saved Irish rugby, unlike our Celtic cousins the year before. More than a lump in throat to be part of a 5 minute standing ovation to a visiting team.

"We should not forget these people's bravery. I have never begrudged England a win since, never minded seeing Ireland beat them either."

That's what it's all about. There's no use moaning about the decisions. After all, in football, Lady Luck smiled down on England in the 1966 World Cup final when the ball was adjudged to be over the line. You win some and you lose some and today it was Ireland's day to taste victory!

Once again, well done to the Irish team. An inspiring performance!

Go on Ireland!

Job well done!


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