Wednesday, March 08, 2006


'What If'? Wednesday - Federal UI?

I would favour a federal solution This might be the last ever edition of United Irelander's 'What If'? Wednesday feature (now, now, don't cry) so with that being said, I figured I should focus on the main issue of this site - a United Ireland.

The term 'United Ireland' means different things to different people. Daltún O'Ceallaigh discusses that in his book, Britain & Ireland: Sovereignty & Nationality, when he states:

"..."united Ireland" has almost become a meaningless term. This is because it is used by different people to cover quite a disparate range of constitutional or political arrangements. For example, "united Ireland" for nationalists can signify a unitary Irish republic, a federation, a confederation, and, in the latter two instances, with all sorts of variation as to component parts and respective powers."

In light of this I thought I would put the following hypothetical question to you all:

What if a United Ireland was set to become a reality? How should it function?

My own view is that a federal solution would be best. I would be open to allowing a parliament for Ulster and, ideally, parliaments for the other three provinces if that proved feasible. I think a federal system would be best though with large powers devolved to Ulster. A parliament in Dublin could meet to discuss issues that affect the entire island but I would be in favour of Dublin keeping out of Ulster's affairs for the most part.

Obviously I would favour a republican system of government but I would be open to involvement from the British monarchy for the benefit of unionists and I wouldn't object to Ireland being part of the Commonwealth.

That's my view. What are your own thoughts on a United Ireland?


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