Tuesday, February 28, 2006


McAleese to blame for riots - Frazer

Frazer needs to conduct himself more maturely I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I first caught this story in the News Letter because not even I thought Willie Frazer, head of FAIR (Families Acting for Innocent Relatives), would stoop to such desperate lengths.

According to Mr Frazer, responsibility for the violence that occurred over the past weekend in Dublin rests with...wait for it...President Mary McAleese and the Rev Alec Reid!

He said the "damning words" of Mrs McAleese and later Fr Reid had reignited republican hatred:

"I blame the words of Mary McAleese and Fr Reid for the reaction on the streets. They played a major part in it. They were responsible for it.

"The people there shouting the Nazi insults and the Nazi salutes, that came from the incident with Mary McAleese and Fr Reid. They have apologised, but never come out and said they were wrong."

Unbelievable. I can't understand this guy's logic. Here we see the bigotry that epitomises this man. Notice too how the apologies made by the President and Father Reid are disregarded categorically. Apparently they didn't say that they were 'wrong'. Oh diddums. Presumably they just apologised for the fun of it, eh?

Frazer went on to suggest involvement from Sinn Féin in the rioting:

"Sinn Fein can deny it all they want. Apparently, rioters were in buildings and had everything just waiting for the parade to come down.

"They had petrol bombs and blast bombs. Their intention was to come out among the parade. When the gardai caught on to what they were doing, their numbers went from 200 to 2,000.

"The gardai did a good job, but they were obviously quite unprepared for what took place. They had never faced the like of it. The so-called rioters were stealing from the shops and robbing people on the streets."

Mr Frazer, whose victims' group will meet senior representatives of the DUP and UUP in coming days, said he would advise them not to negotiate with republicans.

He will advise the unionist parties not to negotiate with republicans? So according to Mr Frazer those who rioted on Saturday are a reflection of republicans in general, is that right? What rubbish.

It is quite clear that Willie Frazer has an agenda and I don't think that agenda centres around getting justice or closure for the families of those killed during The Troubles. That might be a part of it but it seems Mr Frazer's ultimate goal is to demonise republicans in general and to profess victimization at every turn.

Your stunts have gotten real old, real fast, Mr Frazer. Wise up.


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