Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Have your say on United Irelander

A little over a week ago I posted on United Irelander asking you to offer feedback on how to improve the site. I took all suggestions on board and I hope to have some exciting new features in place over the next few weeks. United Irelander's readership has reached all-time highs of late and I aim to make the site an even better experience.

That's where you the reader comes in.

One of the suggestions offered, which I had been considering myself, was to allow for a guest to write a post here on UI. It's difficult running a blog on your own as I tend to think the blogger and the blog become too synonymous with one another. I feel this site would therefore benefit from an alternative view so I'm asking for people to offer up a post which would be published here on UI and accredited as your own work. It wouldn't need to be from an Irish nationalist perspective though of course that would be allowed. If any of my unionist readers wish to offer up a piece though they are more than welcome to. The only thing I would ask is that the piece be of a political nature, of a decent length and relevant to Ireland, north or south, in some way. I won't set a word limit but a couple of hundred words would be ideal.

I'm aware that there are limits to what one can write in the comments section so if you've something you really want to get off your chest, you can do so by submitting a post. Perhaps you're a blogger whose blog doesn't deal with political matters, well you can use UI to make your feelings known. Maybe you're not a blogger but you're thinking of becoming one, well this could be a way to test the waters so to speak. Whatever your reason, you are free to contribute something.

If you are interested in submitting a post for United Irelander, you can e-mail it to:

unitedirelanderfeedback -at- yahoo.com (change "-at-" to "@")

Cheers all.


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