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Top Ten Tuesday - Irish places

Tramore in all its beauty While I was over visiting Jefferson Davis' blog, he mentioned he was visiting Ireland this year and asked me to suggestsome places worth visiting which I did. It got me thinking about some of the places in Ireland that hold a special place in my heart and I felt it would be a nice idea to do a list of what I consider the top ten places in Ireland worth visiting. So without further ado...

1. Tramore, Waterford - Tramore's beach is pictured above and it truly is a sight to behold. On a warm summer's day it is absolutely gorgeous and looks like a beach straight out of the sunny continent! I visited Tramore alot as a child and I have relatives there so for nostalgia purposes Tramore has a warm place in my heart. I would recommend it to anybody who has never been there.

2. Tralee, Kerry - Kerry in general has some fantastic scenery and while there are lots of nice places there, for example Killarney, for me Tralee is the nicest place in the county. Again, check it out if you've never been!

3. O'Connell Street, Dublin - It would be number 1 except for the fact that I get to see the place practically every day. However, when I'm away from Dublin, I miss O'Connell Street the most. O'Connell Street is the epitome of Dublin and thus the epitome of Ireland. When walking around the capital you really feel like you are in a city steeped in great culture and tradition, despite the modernisation of the street in recent times. This is in stark contrast to the soulless, desolate atmosphere that one gets when walking around Cork City Centre.

4. Botanic Gardens, Dublin - Or 'National Botanic Gardens' to give it its proper name. If you're a Dubliner, particularly a Northsider, you will know all about the Botanic Gardens. I love the Botanic Gardens and I loved it as a child because it displays natural beauty that you wouldn't expect to see in Dublin which is more renowned for the city lifestyle. Whenever I meet a tourist in Dublin and they ask me to recommend somewhere to visit, I recommend the Botanic Gardens. And what's more - it's free of charge!

5. Howth beach, Dublin - I love Howth, especially the beach. The beach was immaculate when I last went there, which sadly was a long time ago. I've always enjoyed a nice day out on the Dart down to Howth! Far better than Bray anyway.

6. Bettystown, County Meath - You haven't lived until you've gone on a caravan holiday to Bettystown. Trust me! I have good memories of Bettystown and the beach is nice there. You even get to ride a donkey! A great place for kids.

7. Phoenix Park, Dublin - I don't tend to visit Phoenix Park much as it's so damn huge but on a nice warm day there's few places better than it. It's also near Dublin Zoo so it's probably the ideal place to take young children on a nice July day.

8. Salthill, Galway - Salthill is another place that has a warm place in my heart. They used to have some horse-riding event down there if I remember correctly. I don't know if they still do that as I haven't been there in years but I do remember enjoying the place alot. Even so, remember it's Galway so you're likely to be met with rain down there!

9. Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin - A cemetery you ask? Fair enough it's not worth visiting if beautiful surroundings is what you're after but if you've a keen interest in Irish history, Glasnevin cemetery is the place to got. See the Round Tower where Daniel O'Connell is buried as well as all of Ireland's greatest sons, Eamon de Valera, Michael Collins, James Larkin, Charles Stewart Parnell and more. What's more, this is free of charge. I remember the day when my father first showed me Michael Collins' grave, I was so shocked that two regular Joes like me and my Dad could simply walk up to such a historical figure's grave as if Collins was but a regular Joe himself! I suppose the Irish aren't known for being showy. Wikipedia gives lots of good info on Glasnevin cemetery. As I say, worth a visit if you're a history fan.

10. Knock, Mayo - A nostalgic pick yet again! You're not a real Catholic unless you've visited Knock at some point! I was taken here as a young boy once and I actually found the place quite enjoyable. The elderly folks love it anyway!

So there you have it. The top ten places worth visiting in Ireland. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer up some of your own.


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