Tuesday, January 17, 2006


All-Ireland GAA summer camp scheme

Irish culture must be safeguarded I'm delighted at the news that tens of thousands of children will have the chance to learn hurling, Gaelic football and camogie during the summer holidays under a new national scheme announced on Monday.

The ‘Vhi Cul’ camps will run from 9.30am to 2.30pm Monday to Fridays throughout the summer, and participating youngsters will receive sports kit and rucksacks.

Co-ordinators will be appointed to oversee the scheme throughout all 32 counties on the island.

The GAA said the huge growth in numbers participating in summer camps since they were set up on an ad hoc basis in the 1980s meant there was a need to organise them on a national basis.

The association’s president Sean Kelly said he was confident the new initiative would boost participation in hurling, camogie and Gaelic football.

"This initiative has huge potential to increase participation in our games all over Ireland and we are delighted that Vhi Healthcare have joined with us in our endeavours to provide what we feel will become a hugely popular summer activity for children.

"I think that their involvement will add an extra dimension to the underlying Camp philosophy given their health and safety focus.

"While GAA-run summer camps have operated successfully for many years, I am confident that through this fresh initiative we will be able to combine our resources to ensure a first class product nationwide," he said.

Vhi Healthcare chief executive Vincent Sheridan said his company was proud to sponsor the camps and would continue to do so for at least three years.

"I am delighted that we will partner the GAA on this initiative, which will give thousands of children nationwide a fantastic activity to attend this summer.

"Vhi Healthcare is committed to supporting the Cul Camps for at least three years and we will work closely with the GAA and the individual clubs to ensure it is ‘the’ summer activity for children of all ages."

This is outstanding news. It is heartening to see a national scheme such as this one which will cater to tens of thousands of children from the 32 county Irish nation.

It is very important to promote Irish culture throughout the island and it's good to see the GAA and Vhi Healthcare working together towards that aim.

Well done to all concerned.


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