Thursday, January 26, 2006


News round-up

Gorgeous (sic) George Galloway has been evicted from the Big Brother House! 1, 2, 3...aww!

He should consider himself lucky in my opinion. Having watched both Big Brother and the debates in the House of Commons, the British parliament seems far more exciting!

Galloway of course pretended to be a cat in the Big Brother House. No word yet on whether he'll milk his performance. (I'll get my coat)

George Galloway relaxing
I am such a pussy

In other news, the always interesting Ronan Mullen has written an article in the Irish Examiner regarding priesthood celibacy and Clonfert priest Fr Mossie Dillane, who it was revealed recently has fathered a child.

Mullen points out that contrary to one of last weekend's newspapers, the issue had not "reignited the debate over celibacy" since we haven't ever had a proper debate on it. It's an article that's well worth a read and I agreed with his final paragraphs:

"However we look at the story, no one can present it as an argument against mandatory celibacy. You might as well claim that a man having an affair after years of happy marriage is an argument against keeping your marriage vows.

"Not everyone should choose priesthood and not everybody will live celibately in the proper spirit. But when it is lived well, a celibate life typifies the kind of selflessness an individualistic society badly needs."

Staying with the Irish Examiner, they touch on the major issue in Ireland right now - the sentence given to Wayne O'Donoghue for the manslaughter of Robert Holohan and the issue of semen that was found on the boy's body:

"What many people find perplexing is how such leniency could be extended to someone who had daily participated in the hunt for the Robert’s body after killing him, knowing at the time that he lay in a ditch near Inch strand in east Cork"

"Two families have been destroyed. The nation has been shocked. A community is riven by remorse.

"And the State’s legal system has been called into question"

And finally in a truly bizarre bit of news that I learned of yesterday on Slugger, Brokeback Mountain, the movie about a relationship between two gay cowboys, is apparently not coming to cinema screens in Ballymena.

I'm sure Maurice Mills will be devastated!


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