Tuesday, January 24, 2006


More on the Holohan case

Following on from my earlier post, I've just watched an RTE reporter on TV explain the issue of semen found on the body of Robert Holohan.

I will try to explain what he said as best I can.

Apparently when Robert Holohan's body was found, traces of semen were found in the left hand. A swab was taken and the sample was sent to France where it was suggested that the sample may have matched the DNA of Wayne O'Donoghue.

O'Donoghue's defence then wrote to the examiner in France who then produced a report saying that the sample might not actually match Wayne O'Donoghue's DNA.

The DPP then ruled that the sample could not be used as evidence.

It all sounds very dodgy and it's looking like the full story was not presented to the court.

Mrs Holohan made a speech to the court questioning how it had been conducted. As Breaking News reports...

She said she knew that semen had been found on her son’s body.

She referred to O’Donoghue’s explanation for the start of their confrontation which led to the death of her son, in which he said Robert had been throwing stones at his car.

"Would you kill someone for throwing stones at their car?" she said.

She said there had been no forensic evidence that stones had hit the car and questioned why there were no fingerprints found on her son’s mobile phone.

"Who wiped it clean and deleted a number of images from it?" she said.

She told a packed courtroom that Robert’s phone had shown that Wayne had contacted him at 6am.

"What was Robert doing in Wayne’s bedroom at 7.30am when he was supposed to have been on a sleepover?" she asked.

Mrs Holohan also asked why her little boy had rang 999 that morning as his phoned showed he did and why were his two runners were off when his body was discovered.

Was justice really done in this case?


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