Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Labour TD calls on DPP to appeal O'Donoghue sentence

Well said, JoeI'm delighted to hear that Labour Party TD Joe Costello has called on the Director of Public Prosecutions to re-examine the sentence handed down to Wayne O'Donoghue yesterday.

The 21-year-old was jailed for four years for the manslaughter of his 11-year-old neighbour, Robert Holohan, in January of last year.

It emerged during the sentencing hearing that semen had been found on the youngster's body, but reports this morning said the DPP decided not to introduce the evidence as it could not be proved that the semen was that of Mr O'Donoghue.

The presiding judge said he was handing down a four-year term based on the evidence heard in court, but Mr Costello is now calling on the DPP to appeal the leniency of the sentence.

I made my feelings on the sentence given to Wayne O'Donoghue quite clear yesterday. I think it was an absolute disgrace and I hope and pray for the sake of the Irish judicial system, but more importantly for the sake of Robert Holohan's family, that the court's decision is reviewed.

Not everything is at it seemed from the looks of it.

I salute Joe Costello for bringing this to light. I know Joe and I feel he is a good man and that he's not simply another political slimeball tying to get ahead, but rather someone who genuinely does want to make a difference in society.

What Irish society needs to know is whether or not justice was done yesterday and in light of revelations that semen found on the body was not introduced, that may not have been the case.

The DPP has serious questions to answer.


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