Monday, January 23, 2006


Cruise Bans South Park from UK

One film critic didn't like my performance in War of the Worlds so I sued his ass! I was reminded by The View From 103 about the news concerning Tom Cruise and how he has threatened to sue Paramount if they broadcast one more time the South Park episode on Scientology which includes Tom Cruise refusing to come out of a closet.

As a result, UK viewers won't get the chance to see the episode on TV, meaning Irish viewers presumably won't get to see it either.

Mr Cruise must not realise that this is 2006 and that we live in the information age. By the wonders of the internet, Irish people, British people, and people from all over the world can see the episode!

I have and I thought it was great! R Kelly even makes an appearance.

I watched it on the Youtube site where you can watch the episode in full here.

Down with censorship!


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