Sunday, January 22, 2006


Get nominatin'

(If you can read this, vote for me) Worth putting out another reminder to you all about the inaugural Irish Blog Awards since the nominations close tomorrow, January 23rd, at 8am.

Details on nominating can be found on the Irish Blog Awards site here.

Many of you I'm sure will no doubt want to nominate a blog that, say, has a very catchy patriotic sounding title...perhaps with a colour that wasn't too showy like, say, blue or light blue, and one that maybe...writes about important issues like reuniting Ireland or something like that.

I don't know if such a wondrous site exists of course though I know if one did, that's definitely the one I'd nominate. *ahem*

Anyway, enough of my harmless pondering which has no ulterior motive whatsover.

I hope the awards go well and that they raise the importance of blogging and may the best blog, presumably with the criteria listed above, win!


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