Sunday, January 08, 2006


Moore admits Connery was best Bond

That Wayne Rooney is a charmer Former Bond girl Ursula Andress, who played Honey Rider in the first Bond movie Dr No, claims Roger Moore admitted to her that his predecessor Sean Connery was the best James Bond.

She said: "The best Bond ever was my Sean. Every time I see Roger, I say to him that Connery was the best Bond - and he says that I am right.

"The last one, Pierce Brosnan, was handsome but he did nothing for me. (Daniel Craig) looks like he has it, but where are all the real men?"

Ursula asks a fair question when she wonders where the real men are. Daniel Craig clearly isn't the man for the job but no one seemed to go for my suggestion of giving Wayne Rooney the part...

A'right I'd like a martini and a kebab please
If I can handle Sir Alex I can handle anybody a'right!

I would hope however that we could all agree that Sean Connery is by far the greatest James Bond of all time.

What's your view? Connery the best Bond ever?


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