Monday, January 09, 2006


Hanafin to introduce two-part Leaving Cert

An election ploy? Whatever pal!A new two-part Leaving Cert will be introduced by the Minister for Education Mary Hanafin early next year in order to reduce exam stress. (Bwahahaha! - Ah no, she's serious)

Students will sit sections of some papers during the school year, accounting for 25% of their marks.

However, John White of teachers' union the ASTI says high standards must be preserved.

"The Leaving Certificate is recognised all over the world. We would be very concerned that standards are maintained and we would also very much wish that the external marking of the examination is continued," he said.

Stress can lead to an outbreak of dancing
This Leaving Cert is too much!

I'm in two minds on this issue. On the one hand I think it will reduce stress levels for students seeing as the final exams won't be a do-or-die type scenario, but on the other hand, I think stressful situations like that separate the good from the bad and highlight which students cope well under pressure!

I agree with John White that standards must be preserved. Ultimately I guess I'm in favour of the measure. I'm at least willing to see how it turns out anyway.

What are your thoughts?


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