Saturday, January 28, 2006


Anti-Irish NI fans

Rule Britannia! Seeing as football has been all people have talked about lately I decided to visit the forums of Our Wee Country, a football fanzine for the North's fans, to see what they had to say. Some of you who visit United Irelander might remember my anger a few months back towards a truly vile and sickening article that is still lauded on their front page and which expresses sickening anti-Irish and anti-Traveller sentiments. It can be read here.

Anyway I noticed a thread entitled 'Euro 2008 Qualifier with the Republic' which had a poll asking fans, "Would you like a draw with the Republic in the qualifiers"? Sadly this thread also contains some sickening comments about the Irish and you can read the thread for yourself here. I've chosen to highlight some of the comments. First up:

"Nah, I'll be happy with a visit to a far flung Eastern European country instead of a trip to the Theatre of Xenophobia (aka Croker)."

As well as that here are comments from 'MD HNISC':

"Dambusters and Rule Britannia would no doubt get an airing (particularly as the country were playing wouldn’t let the Royal Navy use their ports in the Second World War). GSTQ will feature a few times as well, particularly away after we finish booing the Soldiers Song but, that aside, I think we could ensure that Northern Ireland football songs predominate and hopefully make the Beggars look bad, when they start up their usual repertoire."

Charming stuff, don't you think? 'MD' follows this up with:

"Also as Stuart G says, a trip to Latvia or Slovenia to check out the lovely ladies there is much more appealing than waking up in a Tallaght tower block next to some dog rough Dublin knackerette."

Such lovely folks these NI supporters. Can you believe nationalists are sceptical of their motives?

Most disappointing of all, 'mac' follows up the 'dog rough Dublin knackerette' comment with:

"Especially with a horse baying in the background."

What lovely sentiments don't you think?

'Football For All' indeed

It seems that all this talk of NI supporters changing their ways is exactly that - talk.

I would continue to advise northern nationalists to steer clear of the NI team and not to go near it with a fifty foot bargepole!

The views which I have highlighted about the south are narrow-minded and unhelpful and they contribute nothing of benefit to football or society.


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