Saturday, January 28, 2006


Fatah farce

We need more guns!Things are crazy right now in the Middle-East.

Several gunmen from the defeated Fatah Party climbed on the roof of the Palestinian parliament building today, firing in the air to the cheers and whistles from hundreds of supporters below.

Thousands of Fatah activists held protest marches across the West Bank today, demanding the resignation of their leaders after a stinging election defeat at the hands of the Islamic militant Hamas.

In Wednesday’s parliament vote, Hamas captured 76 of 132 seats in the legislature.

They don't seem to have grasped what democracy is all about over there. Democracy involves handing over power peacefully to your rivals and with good grace as happened in the Irish Free State when Cumann na nGaedheal handed power over to Fianna Fáil peacefully in 1932.

Thankfully they didn't climb on the Dáil and start shooting in the air like maniacs.

Hopefully the Palestinians will understand things one day!


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