Monday, December 05, 2005


Who should be in the next Government?

Two separate opinion polls in Irish papers on Sunday morning have revealed support for Fine Gael is growing.

The studies in the Sunday Tribune and Sunday Business Post suggest that if a general election was held next week, Fine Gael would be likely to lead the next government.

The Sunday Tribune claims Fianna Fail's popularity is down by 4%, with Fine Gael gaining by 5%.

With that being said, I have added a new poll to my sidebar which asks the question:

Who should be in the next Government?

Please take the time to vote and use the comments section of this post to explain who you voted for and why.

Right now I think I would give my vote to Fine Gael and I would favour a Fine Gael/Labour coalition government.

We've had too much of Fianna Fáil here in Ireland in my opinion. It's time for a change.

What party would you like to see in government though?

(Oh and in case anyone is wondering why Sinn Féin weren't included as an option in the poll, all of the southern parties have indicated that they won't touch the idea of Sinn Féin in a coalition government with a 50 ft barge pole)


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