Wednesday, December 07, 2005


They put the sin in Sinfin!

I was disgusted to read about this story. (hat-tip A Tangled Web)

In Britain, a girl of 16 was suspended from school for...wait for it...wearing a crucifix. To see the 'offensive' crucifix, go here.

The girl, Sam Morris, was sent home after refusing the deputy head’s order to remove the Christian symbol, which she wore on a chain.

The girl's mother, Debra, accused her daughter's school of discrimination pointing out that Sikh children were allowed to wear a steel bracelet, known as a kara, for religious reasons. She said her daughter had every right to express her faith as well.

"She thinks it's very unfair when other people are allowed to wear religious symbols. It just ends up creating a divide between the pupils," said Mrs Morris.

"Everyone is being told that they should be living in unity, but this rule is not right. Sam has just as much right to celebrate her own religion."

Howard Jones, the deputy head who sent Miss Morris home, said the one-day suspension was a "last resort" after a 30-minute conversation failed to persuade her to take it off.

He said: "There was a long period of persuasion with her and she was given time. It was only at the end of that that I reluctantly had to exclude her for a day. I met her mother today and readmitted her daughter."

He said the school policy was "even-handed and fair".

He added: "As a Christian I don't have to wear a crucifix but Sikhs don't have that option and we have to be understanding. We live in a multi-faith society."

I think this Howard Jones is a twat. If this was my daughter I'd be damn proud of her. How dare this school have one rule for one faith and another rule for other faiths!

It's total discriminationand it's loony leftism at its worst!

I applaud this young girl for having the courage to stand by her beliefs.

Sinfin community school, shame on you bigots!


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