Wednesday, December 07, 2005


How to completely miss the point...

Hey, remember this post I made on the feminism debate that had been ongoing in the Irish blogosphere?

Well one of the ladies I mentioned in my post, Fiona at Mental Meanderings, apparently thinks I'm a misogynist or something! Check this post of hers out:

"I have decided to heed Suzy's call for calm in the current debate about women bloggers in the Irish corner of the blogosphere. In response to Aud's initial post I (and Beth and Maura) were pretty strong in our opinions (which of course can’t be seen as ‘strength’ but has to be defined as ‘catfighting’ by United Irelander…quelle surprise)"

"I wouldn’t even have put up this post were it not for noticing this load of drivel from United Irelander...

"Then Fiona at Mental Meanderings decided to stop doing the ironing temporarily and to add her two cents (more likely her husband's two cents seeing as men are the natural bread-winners)"

"Just to let you know yes, I do sometimes iron, when I get a break from writing a PhD, writing a book, completing two conference papers, the blog and teaching ten hours a week all of which leads to me earning significantly more than two cent in a lesbian household where, seeing as we both have perfectly healthy waistlines, the absence of a “natural bread-winner” appears to have had no negative effects.

"Truth be told it’s exactly the breed of condescending idiocy evident in UI’s post that dissuades Irish women from blogging more."

Now I'm surprised she has completely missed the point of my post. What she calls "drivel" and "condescending idiocy", I call satire and injecting a sense of balance into the issue!

It's funny because JG in the comments section said of my post:

"By any chance are you trying to provoke outrage among female bloggers with this post? I'm thinking they probably won't be so silly to fall for it."

Looks like you were wrong mate!

So Fiona, in conclusion, I'm not a misogynist really nor was I trying to be "condescending". Most of the people who commented on the post were intelligent enough to figure out that my comments were not an attack on women but rather an attack on the perception that men these days are misogynist and condescending and that feminism isn't as relevant as it once was!

Dont worry though honey, I don't blame you for missing the point. You are a woman after all!


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