Wednesday, December 14, 2005


EU in difficulty - Great!

I must say that the recent problems of the European dictatorship...uh, I mean Union, has brought a big smile to my Irish face!

Today, Taoiseach and EU lickspittle, Bertie Ahern, came out and urged an end to the EU budget deadlock.

Talks on the 2007-2013 budget collapsed in June after Britain refused to cut its rebate and demanded a Common Agricultural Policy review.

Mr Ahern, who disgraced himself and his country by helping broker agreement on the sovereignty-stealing EU Constitution during Ireland's presidency in 2004, said he didn't want budget issues to extend into the Austrian and Finnish presidencies in 2006.

"I can't see what is in it for anybody not to finalise it now," he commented.

Speculating on the consequences of a non-deal, the Taoiseach said: "It won't be a death blow to the EU, but I'm sure that's what all the headlines will say."

He said not reaching agreement would not be seen as a failure for Britain's EU presidency, but as a collective failure for all the member states.

Oh boo hoo! The EU is is a spot of bother!

It serves these bumbing, bird-brained bureaucrats right! Their evil plan to steal national sovereignty was thwarted by the brave French and Dutch voters and now their own infighting is tearing them apart!

I love it!

Now if only we could get ourselves out of this disgraceful 'Union'...


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