Friday, November 04, 2005


You're the hypocrite, Ingham!

The former press chief to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Bernard Ingham, has lashed out at the McCartney sisters after they refused to attend an award ceremony yesterday upon learning they would be sharing the stage with Thatcher.

The McCartneys said Mrs Thatcher had inflicted injustices on their community in the North and they would not share the platform with her.

Ingham raged:

"I think it is very interesting that the McCartney sisters protested at IRA thugs killing their brother."

"Where were the protests when IRA thugs were killing thousands of people and were trying to blow up Mrs Thatcher? I think it is monumental hypocrisy."

Bullshit, Ingham. You want to know about 'monumental hypocrisy'? How about the fact that YOUR COUNTRY was actively colluding with Loyalist scum to murder Irish civilians north and south.

Readers to UI might find this interesting reading not to mention what is on my sidebar under the heading 'British State Collusion'.

Margaret Thatcher is no friend of Ireland or the Irish people. This is a woman who not only played a part in letting the Hunger Strikers like Bobby Sands die, but who was so vehemently anti-Irish that she refused to call Cardinal Tomas O'Fiach, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, by his chosen name, insisting on calling him "Cardinal Fee".

I probably wouldn't have shared the stage with her either. I applaud the McCartney sisters. And I condemn disgraceful hypocrites like Bernard Ingham.


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