Friday, November 04, 2005


Fun Irelander Feature - Shopping

Look at this image to your left. It's taken from the Roches Stores' website from their fashion section.

First off, I should mention something. I hate shopping. HATE IT. I never know what to buy when I go into stores and I always wind up being treated by one of those fancy salesmen who will say anything to get you to buy their stuff.

"This is what you want mate. It's all the range, I'm telling ya. I've actually got one of these jackets myself."

Yeah right. What, left it at home did you?

It's all rather unfortunate but I don't seem to have a great fashion sense. With that being said, is what this guy in the picture is wearing considered trendy? I mean, really? Surely not! I can't really see myself going into Roches tomorrow...

"Um, Hi. Could you tell me where the orange shirts are please? And also the orange ties?"

That might be OK for Dawson Bailie or one of those fellas but not for me!

What about yourselves though? Do you consider yourselves fashionable and trendy? And do you like what this guy in the picture is wearing?


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