Thursday, November 03, 2005


Poll Results - Colour scheme approved!

OK having been up a week, I've closed the poll on United Irelander's sidebar which asked the question:

What do you think of UI's colour scheme?

The final results were:

I like it. Good job. - 47% (15 votes)

I hate it. Bring back the green! - 16% (5 votes)

I think you need to try again... - 38% (12 votes)

Clearly some of you don't like it but most of you seem to approve of it which is good as I don't intend on changing things! I'm sure those of you who dislike it will get accustomed to it eventually. I do worry however about those 5 individuals who voted for the green to be brought back. Whoever you help!

Anyway, I've been back blogging a week now and I'm far happier with what I've been writing recently as I feel it's been alot better than the formulaic stuff I was coming out with before I took my hiatus. I feel that limiting the number of posts was a wise decision.

You may have also noticed that United Irelander has cranked up the nationalism in recent days and that's set to continue as this is fundamentally an Irish nationalist blog and I think it's important to have an alternative pro-unity view put out there!


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