Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Uh-oh Gerry!

There's been alot of talk about the Irish Examiner's opinion poll on party support in Ireland.

I'd like to comment on Sinn Fein myself and I've a feeling their supporters won't like this poll one bit! As the Irish Examiner states:

"Surprisingly, while 52% felt Sinn Féin should go into government subject to varying conditions, including decommission, 39% said they should not go into power under any circumstances."

Things get worse for Adams - His satisfaction rate is only 31% (lagging behind the ever lovable Mary Harney!), while 34% expressed dissatisfaction with him.

Gerry Adams has had an 11% drop in popularity. Maybe the securocrats had something to do with this?

Meanwhile Sinn Fein's popularity remains around the 10% region.

They ain't getting anywhere near the Dail! It would be political suicide for one of the other political parties to go into coalition with these guys. Their economic policies are a Marxist's dream and would send the Republic down the road to ruin.

Bad news for their followers, good news for the rest of us who are serious about attaining a United Ireland.


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