Tuesday, September 20, 2005


PANSY Watch - Anti-war cowardice

The post I made earlier about the contemptible Ayman al-Zawahri praising the London bombings reminded me of something from a few months back which really turned my stomach.

It was the day that it was revealed that Margaret Hassan, the Irish-born aid worker, had been murdered by the Iraqi insurgents. On the VERY SAME NIGHT, RTE's Prime Time show asked the question - Should we continue to allow the US military to use Shannon Airport?

It's that kind of twisted logic that makes me hate this 'tradition of neutrality' bullshit so much.

Some people love neutrality so much that they cross the line from neutrality to out and out cowardice.

It's a sad state of affairs when an Irish woman can be murdered by insurgent scum and the media's response is to debate whether we should deny the use of the airport to the very people who are fighting these people!

Neutrality? No. Cowardice.


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