Monday, September 19, 2005


Monday Madness - PANSY Watch

In case you missed my post yesterday, I have coined a new term for these disgraceful Irish anti-war protesters:

PANSY (Pussies Against Nurturing Statehood Youth)

I have found an interesting piece on next Saturday's protest at Shannon airport from indymedia a.k.a. PANSY Central by Edward Horgan. Here are some excerpts from the piece:

"There has been a concerted campaign by Irish government spin-doctors to portray US military use of Shannon airport as a "dead" issue."

There was? When did this happen?

"It sure is, about 110,000 dead so far, or as the Iraq Body Count reports suggests, 25,000 dead and about 85,000 missing because the US and its allies "don’t do body counts"."

Perhaps the US and its allies are more concerned with stopping the people who are trying to raise the death total higher and higher? And why should we trust those figures?

"The peace movement needs to get its act together to continue to highlight Ireland's role in these unlawful killings."

It needs to get its act together alright so it can stop telling tall tales.

"Divisions within the peace movement are a healthy sign of independent thinking, and since we are challenging the abuse of democracy by our government, independent thinking is vital."

How are the Irish government abusing democracy?

"The state will respond that they have a democratic mandate for allowing US military use of Shannon. George Bush claimed a mandate for the Iraq war after the last US Presidential election"

Uh...why did you go from the Irish state's response on to the topic of George Bush? Are we not going to hear what your response is to the Government's democratic mandate?

"No one, or no group of people in any state has any right to mandate their government to kill tens of thousands of innocent people. Unlawful killing is murder."

So was it not murder when Saddam authorised the mass killing of thousands of his people? Why weren't there marches when that was going on?

"The whole weekend around the 24th Sept or even the week before and after, should be used to remind the Irish people of what is done at Shannon airport in our name."

Yes we must remind them of the courage and sacrifice that the American military are showing to bring democracy and freedom to the Iraqi people who have suffered so much.

"It was silence and inaction that enabled Hitler to carry out the Holocaust, and Pol Pot the Cambodian Genocide."

D'oh! A Hitler reference! I never saw that coming...

"Over 100,000 dead is about the populations of the greater Limerick city area combined with Shannon area, every man, woman and child, and we in the Mid West of Ireland especially have been part of this."

Ah, very clever! Trying to make the issue more identifiable with the Irish people even though those figures are not widely accepted. Did you notice the Mid West of Ireland card? Swish!

"We do not need permission from the Gardai and the Irish Government to have demonstrations at Shannon."

Isn't freedom and democracy a great thing altogether?

"We are demonstrating against the Government's policies and against Garda and Irish army complicity in the US military use of Shannon airport."

Now the Gardai are to blame! Who'd have thunk it?

"Perhaps you may feel that it is too much effort to spend an overnight or a few nights at Shannon. Is 100,000 dead not a good enough reason?"

Yeah, shame on you! Trust the dodgy figures and go spend a few nights with some random strangers, will you?! They seem like a sensible enough bunch (cough).

"Let your voice by heard, or your silence will facilitate the ongoing killing."

Makes sense!

"The innocent people we are helping to kill are all non-Irish, so as many non-Irish as possible should attend the protest."

Wasn't Margaret Hassan Irish-born? Killed by the insurgents? Didn't Ken Bigley, the hostage beheaded in a gruesome fashion, have an Irish mother?

"Our neighbours are all humankind, not just our friends in the UK and the USA."

The insurgents are not our neighbours. Not by a long shot.

"We are opposed to murder and terror in all its formats, be it nuclear weapons, or B-52 bombing or suicide bombers."

So there will be a big focus on the suicide bombers in Iraq, will there? Gimme a break.

"Ireland has now become part of this terror by supporting the US illegal wars."

If Ireland is part of the War on Terror by supporting the US, then we should be very proud.

"We need to make peace on terror, not war."

Peace on terror? Yeah, that makes alot of sense. Maybe we could invite Osama Bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi over to Ireland on a State visit? They could meet the President and have a nice cup of tea maybe?

"War creates more terror by using terror as a false excuse to secure an undue share of the worlds energy and oil resources."

The oil argument again. I wasn't sure if that was still around...

"Shame on those who profit from war."

Uh, like you guys you mean?

"This will not be a protest against the US government. It will be a protest against the IRISH GOVERNMENT for its complicity in the killing of innocent people."


"See you at Shannon if you value peace and cherish humanity."

Dear oh dear. I value peace and cherish humanity. Next Saturday I will probably be in the pub and I'll raise a glass to the Americans and their allies for being willing to sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of peace and in their love for humanity.

God bless them all.

The author of this laughable piece from indymedia, Edward Horgan, should be ashamed of himself. I wonder if he kept a straight face when he wrote this bile.

These anti-war protesters are hypocrites, they're xenophobic, and they're an embarrassment to the Irish nation.

Shame on them.


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