Friday, August 26, 2005


Boy, 7, becomes a garda for a week

I was very pleased to read the story about a seven year-old boy, who suffers from leukaemia, who has become a garda for a week.

David Moran from County Mayo got the opportunity after he told the "Make a Wish Foundation" it was his dream to join the force.

He has been kitted out in a full uniform and has been spending time with the traffic corps, the Garda dog and air support unit.

He met with the Taoiseach outside his constituency office in Dublin, before setting up a roadblock to watch for dangerous drivers.

What a great gesture for the young lad. Those ignorant people who have badmouthed Ireland's handling of the Colombia Three, and laughably declared this country a supporter of terrorism, should take a look at this move from the Gardai and realise that this country of ours isn't as bad as you would like to believe it is.

Fair play to the Gardai.


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