Saturday, July 02, 2005


Saturday Survey

Hero of the Week: Bob Geldof: I'm not sure how well Live8 will do, but I admire this man's efforts to raise awareness for those dying of poverty.

Villain of the Week: Jose Manuel Barrosso: He came out with some awful guff this week and is a man that cannot be admired or trusted.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Smart Bird: I thought this bird was pretty funny.

Dunce of the Week: Jose Manuel Barrosso: Has to be "Bozo" Barrosso again. His comments on Thursday really were dumb.

Celebrities of the Week: Live8 Celebs: They all have my respect for attempting to help the poor in Africa.

Quote of the Week: "What was Europe 60 years ago? It was Auschwitz, it was the Holocaust, the worst pages of the history of mankind were written in Europe in that war." - Jose Manuel Barrosso and his stark warning for those who oppose the European project.

So if we don't get behind the EU project there will be another Holocaust? I don't think so. You're a clown, Barrosso.

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