Friday, July 22, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Cormac

Cormac was the son of the Ulster king Conchobar Mac Nessa. An Irish myth tells of his distaste at his father's treachery in killing Naoise, the husband of Deirdre, and of his going into voluntary exile with the deposed Ulster ruler Fergus Mac Roth. Not until he received an invitation from his father Conchobar, when the dying king had nominated Cormac as his successor, did he consider returning home. However, a druidess had warned Cormac that if he went back to Ulster he would be killed, but he set out to anyway and on the journey he stopped by a roadside hotel where he was lulled to sleep by the soft notes of a harp. Defenceless in his enchanted sleep, he was slain by assassins, sent by the harpist, Craiftine, in revenge for Cormac's affair with his wife.


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