Monday, July 04, 2005


On Vacation!

Since it's summertime, it's occurred to me I've been spending far too much time blogging. I notice plenty of my fellow Irish bloggers have taken their vacations already and so, with that being the case, it's my turn!

It's a shame because I've had quite alot of visitors of late and, as with my last hiatus, I acknowledge that I run the risk of losing my enormous fanbase (cough) , however the demands of sitting in my back garden with a beer and soaking up the rays are just too great.

Dunno when I'll back but it won't be for at least a week. I'm gonna do my best to stay away from the computer but I certainly won't be posting for a while. I leave you in the able hands of my fellow bloggers, many of whom I link to in my sidebar.

Good luck and God bless and have a great summer.


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