Thursday, June 30, 2005


The EU prevents Holocausts!

I see European Commission President Jose Manuel Barrosso was in Dublin today urging EU leaders to "sell" the EU to its citizens.

What I found most interesting however was his stark warning for those who oppose the European project.

What was Europe 60 years ago? he asked.

"It was Auschwitz, it was the Holocaust, the worst pages of the history of mankind were written in Europe in that war," he said.

So by opposing the EU project we may bring about another Holocaust? Oh no! Someone give me a referendum quick so I can vote Yes! Have you ever heard such garbage? The EU prevents events lie Auschwitz, does it? And there was me thinking that was the role of the UN...

Another amusing line was this - "Ireland counts much more now than before becoming part of the EU".

More garbage. The only reason he says that is because our pathetic leaders have been more than willing to BEND OVER to the EU and its aims.

We all must remain very wary of the European Union. It simply cannot be trusted.


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