Thursday, June 30, 2005


Barrosso the Clown

Following on from my previous post, it seems Jose Manuel "Bozo" Barrosso has been making even more dumb comments today in Dublin. Want to know about his thoughts on the EU constitution? Read on...

'Speaking at the National Forum on Europe today, Mr Barroso said the body had helped to stimulate debate and encourage Irish people to back the Nice Treaty after initially rejecting it.

'He said the rest of Europe could learn from the Irish experience when trying to convince voters to back the proposed EU constitution, which has already been rejected by France and the Netherlands'.

The guy really is a clown. Yes, learn from the Irish experience which basically means - ignore a result that you don't like and tell the people who originally voted to go f*ck themselves whilst ploughing millions into a campaign to have this unwanted result overturned!

Sorry Bozo, but that's not an experience I'd urge the rest of Europe to follow. That experience is instead befitting of countries like Burma and Zimbabwe.

As I said, the EU cannot be trusted.


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