Friday, November 11, 2005


Fun Irelander Feature - Let me finish...

Emma has come up with a post which requires blogger participation in finishing off a few sentences. I thought that I too would come up with a post which requires you to finish off a few sentences but I thought I'd make it a bit more relevant to our little green island. Non-Irish people are more than welcome to complete the sentences too of course! So without further ado:

1. The most beautiful part of Ireland is...Tramore, County Waterford. I have always loved it there and I think Tramore beach is beautiful. If you've never been to Tramore, consider going!

2. The worst part of Ireland is...Cork's city centre. It lacks the charm and tradition you associate with Dublin's city centre and I found it quite soulless myself.

3. When I think of Ireland, I think of...O'Connell Street. To me, O'Connell Street IS Ireland!

4. The great thing about Ireland is...we're still standing even after all the difficulties we've been through.

5. The great shame about Ireland is...that we've had to put up with so many difficulties!

6. I think Irish politics is...complex, intriguing, frustrating, depressing and quite amusing.

7. My favourite Irish saying is...Ah would you g'way outta that!

8. The Irish person I'd most like to slap is...Ryan Tubridy. There are plenty of other contenders though...

9. The greatest Irishman of all time is...Eamon de Valera. He did it all!

10. The future for Ireland involves...a United Ireland!

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or better yet, offer up some answers yourself!


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