Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Good riddance

It pleases me greatly that the British army's operation - or should I say occupation - of the northern part of my country officially ended at midnight this evening.

'Operation Banner' was the longest continuous campaign of the army's history spanning 38 years in total.

The head of the Army in NI, General Nick Parker, laughably claimed the operation helped create the conditions for a political solution:

"What I believe the military have done here is make a significant contribution to the security in Northern Ireland that has allowed other people to make the difference through politics, social programmes and economics."

This is revisionist bullshit. The presence of the British military exacerbated an already grim situation in NI and led to the continuation of a bloody and miserable chapter in Irish history. Irish people shall remember the British presence in NI primarily for Bloody Sunday in 1972 and for the countless other instances of mistreatment which they dished out to citizens of this land.

Speaking for the majority of Irish people may I inform these troops that they shan't be missed nor shall they be looked upon fondly by future generations. Good riddance.


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