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Stop the Love Ulster demonstration

Over the last few days I have been closely following the ongoing "will they, won't they?" saga over whether or not Willie Frazer, and the victims' group Families Acting for Innocent Relatives, should be allowed to stage another march in Dublin following last year's scenes of violence in the Irish capital.

A year ago Dublin's city centre was torn up and several people were injured when extremist Republicans, and general run-of-the-mill Dublin scumbags, decided to cause mayhem through riots which caused considerable damage as well as losing Dublin more than €10m in trade.

Now it seems wee Willie Frazer, the eccentric egomaniac of loyalism, has managed to convince the gardai to allow a march to take place in August which he claims will attract some 3,000 participants.

I must say as a Dubliner I'm left angry as well as baffled at the willingness of the gardai to run this march again. I know that many of the Guards were left seething with rage that the scumbags managed to injure a lot of officers. I'm just wondering if that's why the Guards are so keen to try this march again? Is it about payback? Make no mistake about it if violence does kick off again the gardai will beat the holy sh*t out of these people. Now many would welcome such a situation but as much as I loathe these nut jobs I don't particularly want my city to become the scene of a bloodbath. As for Frazer? Well I'm sure he'd revel in the media frenzy.

Officers were hurt by yobs

I've listened to the arguments in favour of allowing the march and to me they make no sense. One of the arguments is that we in Dublin have to "prove" ourselves to the rest of the world and show how multicultural we are! This is an argument put forth by Frazer himself. Get a load of this gem from Frazer on an Irish morning talk show:

"Dublin is a multicultural society and everybody is welcome. Now is the time to prove it".

Eh? We don't have to "prove" anything to the likes of you, Willie. When did this guy become the bastion of tolerance and multiculturalism? Let's remind ourselves of this guy's track record. Frazer once welcomed loyalist paramilitaries "as individuals" to a rally where he remarked...

"There is a difference [between loyalist and republican paramilitaries] loyalists are not trying to get into the government. They're not trying to get into the police force. They're not trying to get 'on-the-runs' returned. They're not trying to turn justice upside down. They don't really come into the equation the way the IRA does."

And yet we in Dublin have to "prove" ourselves to this sad man? I'm not sure who's more stupid, Frazer or the people who go along with his line of thinking.

The other argument put forth in favour of doing the march again seems to be rooted in Irish republicanism, namely that if we truly believe all Irish people are equal then we must let Frazer march down the Irish capital. This argument misses the point entirely - Frazer WANTS to cause violence. Frazer WANTS to sh*t-stir. If I sought to hold a march that was likely to incite violence and put people's health at risk then I would fully expect the authorities to deny me the opportunity to hold the march. So why make a special case for this guy? If we're all equal then treat Frazer the way you would treat anybody. No preferential treatment!

The fact is we had ugly scenes last year involving the dregs of Irish society and I see no reason to risk a repeat performance. Most Dubliners will avoid the city centre when this march takes place. I guarantee you that. The ones who will come out in force will be the gardai, the media and the skinhead, white-runner, Adidas-clad knackers who would love to oblige journalists and Frazer with carnage in the capital.

What other city would put up with such a farcical situation? Why is a "Love Ulster" parade taking place in Leinster anyway? And are you telling me a "Love Ireland" march - dedicated to remembering the Irish victims of British colonial rule over the centuries - would be welcomed with open arms by one and all on the streets of Belfast? Of course not! Why? Because there would be mayhem that's why!

This isn't about the right to march or the right to air one's views, it's about common sense and common sense tells you that holding another march in Dublin is a recipe for disaster. The gardai should tell Frazer where to go with his marching plan. The people of Dublin don't want this parade. The people of Dublin don't want Willie Frazer disrespecting us. The people of Dublin don't want scumbags getting an opportunity to raise anarchy.

The people of Dublin want their multicultural city to be left as it is and not to become centre stage for the monocultural Willie Frazer who doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. He exploits the victims of violence. Don't let him exploit this city as well!


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