Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Freedom of speech attacked...by Americans

OK this one really pisses me off. I've learned courtesy of the Belfast Telegraph that an "international row" has erupted over on Slugger O'Toole after BBC NI presenter Gerry Anderson told his listeners he wanted George Bush "to rot in hell". (Oh no! Won't somebody please think of the children!)

As the Belfast Telegraph reports:

"The Radio Ulster host and Belfast Telegraph columnist was presenting his morning show on Tuesday - July 4, US Independence Day - when he referred to the President's forthcoming birthday and added: "May I say I hope you rot in hell."

"Despite a diplomatic reaction from the US consulate who described the remarks as "unfortunate" but alluded to the importance of free speech, almost all of the 112 entries on the Slugger O'Toole website on the comment would suggest it has not been well received on the other side of the Atlantic and has sparked a swell of anti-European feeling."

Now I like Americans and have had pleasant experiences with every US citizen I've ever encountered but these particular Americans are complete and utter arseholes...or should I say assholes. Let me show you what I mean. Here is a guy called Michael's view of the situation:

"Being of Irish descent, I often contemplated a visit to Ireland (both North and South) but if this creep is any example of the politeness and warmth of the Irish, you can keep it.

"That country (Northern Ireland) has, in my lifetime, been nothing but a hotbed for terrorists and killing.

"And now they attack the one President of the US since the end of WWII who is willing to stand up for and act on what is right in the world instead of 'trying to get along' by selling the American soul down the river to a bunch of self-important Euros - who really have slipped into irrelevancy.

"So I will spend my vacation dollars in Hawaii or some other place and no longer care to see the land from whence my ancestors came several generations ago.

"I am also now no longer proud to be of Irish descent. It is now a shame I must bear. And sadly too, I might say."

Is this guy for real? An Irish guy makes a comment he doesn't like so he writes off the entire nation? Now this guy isn't from North Korea, he's an American. A country that is traditionally associated with freedom of speech. You really couldn't make it up. Hey Michael, here's some welcoming words for ya - shove your vacation dollars up your hole you fucking Nazi.

If that wasn't enough, 'Rebecca H' weighed in:

"My family and I have been discussing a trip over there in the next couple of years. But frankly, over what I've been reading about attitudes there, I'm thinking we should not come."

I'm thinking that too Rebecca because you see diversity and freedom of expression are still encouraged in this part of the world. Once upon a time it was encouraged in your part of the world too. Rebecca is another gobshite. I wouldn't be surprised if Rebecca H's surname was Hitler.

Ireland's spokesperson apparently

I'm tired of this kind of false sanctimonious bullshit spouted by conformist clowns such as those mentioned above. The current US administration is always harping on about freedom and liberty yet it seems to many Americans, these ideals have become simply slogans. I know there are many Americans who actually "get" what freedom of speech is about but there are a worrying number of Americans who seem to miss the point entirely.

I don't give a fuck what Gerry Anderson thinks. Who the hell is this guy anyway? Anybody who writes off an entire nation because of the comments of one individual is quite simply a moron.

And that ladies and gentleman is my opinion.


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