Thursday, July 20, 2006


Bush rubs Merkel up the wrong way

This story just cracks me up.

Not content with gaining headlines at the G8 Summit for using salty language and bemoaning the other leaders for talking too long, US President George W. Bush is yet again in the spotlight following footage which shows German Chancellor Angela Merkel recoiling in horror due to his attempted massage.

Ms Merkel appeared to welcome the Presidential neck rub about as much as a unionist welcomes the Irish tricolour on The Twelfth.

Bush ends up looking pretty cheesed off as well. Here is a brief summary of events...

I got me an idea

Softly softly catchy monkey

Could it be Gerhard Schroeder back for revenge?

No it's the US President! Help!

Pfft. I'm gonna find Tony, he likes it

US President George W. Bush proving once more that even when the world is on the brink of chaos, he can make himself look like an idiot.

Check out Jon Stewart's The Daily Show below for their take on the situation...


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