Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Warped revisionism

The Belfast Telegraph has published a letter which is an excellent example of revisionism gone mad. Get a load of this guff from RS from Middlesex:

"Mr Victor M Sackett Jr basically wrote in the Belfast Telegraph (WriteBack, April 27) that the will of the people in 1918 was the last time that true democracy took place in Ireland and that the creation of Northern Ireland was undemocratic.

"He can't be selective about history, reporting only half truths.

"Northern Ireland was created by self-determination by democratic means.

"However, the creation of the now Irish Republic was established by terrorism and civil war. If he wants to think that the "26 counties" were created by democratic means then he is living in cloud cuckoo land.

"True democracy would have involved the entire UK population in 1918 voting on the future of the then Ireland."

RS, Edgware, Middlesex

Let us analyse this nonsense from 'RS' shall we? Northern Ireland was created by self-determination and democratic means was it? How the hell did you come to that conclusion? There had never been a six county entity in Irish history. Ulster was a nine county entity. Unionists only had a majority in four of the 6 counties they sought as in Fermanagh and Tyrone, election results showed 55%-45% support for nationalists. So how then can one describe the establishment of a 6 county NI, which ensured a 2/3 unionist majority, as "democratic"? And how exactly was it self-determination? There was no desire to create an Ulster nation.

He or she then makes the ridiculous statement that "the now Irish Republic was established by terrorism and civil war". Terrorism? No mate, guerrilla warfare. Look it up. Seeing as the majority of Irish people had voted in the 1918 General Election for the separatist party, there was no excuse for the continued British occupation of Ireland.

Lastly let's take a look at the completely stupid suggestion that true democracy would have involved the "entire UK population" voting on Ireland's future. How would that have been democratic? Ireland was treated as a distinct political entity even when it was part of the UK. It was viewed as a different nation. What gave other nations the right to vote on our nation's future? Hell, the English did not consult the Scottish or Irish people when it went ahead with the previous Acts of Union.

This sort of revisionist idiocy really irritates me. It is a selective interpretation of historical events in order to give retrospective justification to the undemocratic and unnecessary actions which occurred on the part of the British in Ireland's troubled past.

This sort of revisionism needs to be challenged and exposed over the lies it seeks to propagate.


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