Monday, April 03, 2006


Majority in favour of a United Ireland!

Irish people back Irish Unity! Outstanding news!

The majority of Irish people are in favour of a United Ireland, according to new poll released on Sunday.

A survey has revealed almost four out of five voters (fantastic number!) want to see the country as one, with almost a quarter (22%) believing that achieving a United Ireland should be the Government’s first priority.

Only 10% of voters say no efforts should be made to bring about a United Ireland (is that all?), with 13% having no interest one way or the other.

Attitudes towards a United Ireland were found to be remarkably consistent across all age brackets and regions, with the exception of Dublin where fewer people think it should be the government’s first priority.

The Sunday Business Post/Red C opinion poll was carried out among more than 1,000 voters between March 20-22 in conjunction with the tracking poll of political support. It shows that these proportions are broadly reflected in attitudes among Irish people to the 1916 Rising, the 90th anniversary of which will be commemorated shortly.

It gets better - It also found 80% of those in favour of Irish unity believe that the 1916 Rising was "a positive event" in Irish history and 71% believe Ireland "owes a debt to the leaders of the 1916 Rising". Take that, revisionists!

Just half of voters felt the Government’s plans for a military parade are appropriate with one fifth declaring they "couldn’t care less" about the Rising (not bad for a fairly apathetic country).

Let's be clear about this - this is phenomenal news. Absolutely fantastic stuff!

I have been quite worried about the attitude of Irish people towards Irish Unity - a view I've expressed here on United Irelander - but this poll's results have left me not only relieved, but incredibly excited too.

The majority of Irish people want a United Ireland. The majority of British and American people want a United Ireland. I think it's fair to say most people around the world are in favour of the Irish national territory being reunified.

The only ones left to convince are the people north of the border. With armed Republicanism pushed out of the equation at long last, the way is now open for a democratic, peaceful and purposeful push towards selling the idea of a United Irish state to the people of NI.

The people south of the border are behind such a push and the future bodes well for those of us who want the pathetic partition of the island of Ireland consigned to the scrapheap of history.

We have believed for over eighty years. Let us keep believing.

"O wise men, riddle me this: what if the dream come true?"


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