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Remembering the Rising - Elizabeth O'Farrell

The brave Elizabeth O'Farrell A new week, and even a new month, but this month is particularly significant for the people of Ireland. In a few week's time, the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising will be commemorated and I intend to cover the 1916 Rising quite a bit here on United Irelander. In a new feature entitled Remembering the Rising, I will highlight the Rising from the perspectives of those who played an important role in the event.

Today I will highlight a moment from the Rising documented by nurse Elizabeth O'Farrell (pictured left), a member of Cumann na mBan, who was one of only three women left in the GPO after Padraig Pearse had ordered the others to leave on the morning of Friday the 28th April. The following is her own account as her and other Irish Volunteers left the GPO while under fire from the British:

"On entering one of the buildings in the middle of Moore Street we were met by a little family - an old man, a young woman and her children - cowering into the corner of a room, apparently terrified. I tried to reassure these people that they were safe. The old man stated that he was very anxious to secure the safety of his children, and that, for some reason, he intended to make an effort to secure other accomodation.

"It was his intention to leave the house under a flag of truce, which, he said, he felt sure would be respected. I did my best to dissuade him from taking this action, especially during hours of darkness. He, however, appeared to be very confident and said he would make the effort.

"I appealed to his daughter not to allow her father to take this action. It appears that he eventually ignored the advice which I gave him, because when we were forming up in Moore Street, preparatory to the surrender, I saw the old man's body lying on the side of the street almost wrapped in a white sheet, which he was apparently using as a flag of truce."

I don't suppose many of you will have heard about that but it's hardly surprising - revisionist historians don't like to focus on the bad things that the Brits did.

Murdering an old man carrying a flag of peace is apparently the fault of the 1916 rebels in the deluded minds of some people!

There are more stories like this and you can rest assured that here on United Irelander they will be highlighted. The innocent victims of the British will not be forgotten on this site. I have no problem whatsoever confronting the revisionist spin.

Be sure to click in to United Irelander for all the real facts behind the 1916 Rising. We must not forget.


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