Thursday, January 12, 2006


Single men happiest in Ireland

Sorry darlin' I like my independence!Single and middle-aged men are the happiest in Ireland, a new survey has claimed.

Researchers found levels of contentment increased on both sides of the Irish border between 2001 and 2004 but women remain more satisfied with their lot.

A Mintel Ireland spokesman said: "The report found that those men who have the least amount responsibility are the happiest and there is a reluctance amongst young men in Northern Ireland to change their status quo."

The team examined the attitudes of men to work, their family, their lifestyle choices and women.

I really hate these opinion polls which tell us things that are blatantly obvious. I mean do we really need a survey to tell us this? A simple chat with a bunch of men down the pub would have revealed all this. Let's have a look at the key findings...

- The average age of marriage is increasing year on year as men choose to stay single for longer.

Smart guys!

- The average age of men who tie the knot in the North is 32 and in the Republic 34.

Smarter guys from the Republic who are enjoying the single life!

- 60% of 20-25s in Northern Ireland and 65% in the Irish Republic live at home with their parents due to soaring property prices.

Fair enough there are more momma's boys in the Republic, but this is probably the fault of Cork I reckon...

- One in five men are willing to sacrifice time with their families in order to get ahead in the workplace.

Makes sense!

- Over 55s were found to be happier as their mortgage payments had ceased and their incomes were at their highest.

Well obviously!

Poor Jeffrey Donaldson is f*cked...
Ah sure I'm really Daniel and I'm an oul' softie

On the issue of responsibility, a Mintel spokesman said: "The average age of marriage is increasing year on year as men and women actively choose to stay single for longer.

"This delay in taking on particular responsibilities allows men to spend more money and time on their own leisure habits and the more comfortable they are with their independent cash rich lifestyle the less likely they are to want to change until they are absolutely ready."

Those needy women will just have to wait, eh lads?

The report said there are 2.88 million men in Ireland – 0.84 million in Northern Ireland and 2.04 million in the Republic – which amounts to 49% of the population.

More ladies to go around for the men. Nice!

As I said above, the poll doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know. Basically men are great, women are needy and marriage doesn't equal happiness.

I suppose it is necessary to remind ourselves though...


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