Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-NI Problems

Some people last week unfortunately confused my contempt for sectarianism within the IFA as being linked in some way to a contempt for NI itself. This was not the case as the IFA and sport are a different issue in my eyes. With that said however, I do have contempt for the NI State and for this edition of Top Ten Tuesday I will highlight the ten things that bother me the most about NI.

1. Sectarianism - It is so sad that even in this day and age, the NI state is still synonymous with sectarianism. Sadly, there is still far too much bigotry in the region. Paisley, anyone?
2. The Orange Order - This organisation of xenophobes and bigots is perhaps the greatest contributor to the sectarianism in the North. It ought to be shut down for good.
3. Paramilitary influences - It is a real shame that private armies hold such significance in the North to this day. Hopefuly the IRA are on the way out of the equation and then the unionist paramilitaries will have no excuses for their continued existence.
4. Hostility to the Republic - The enmity towards the Republic highlights a failure on the part of unionists to understand nationalists on this island. The Republic has more of a right in the North's affairs than the foreign rule from London.
5. Lack of culture - The fact that the NI State has no significant cultural symbols or colours shows that the border has failed and that the idea of 'Northern Irishness' is just one big joke.
6. Racism - Racism has become a big problem in NI and we've heard reports of attacks on the Chinese community. It must be acknowledged that loyalists are the biggest instigators of this.
7. The anthem - The anthem used for the NI State is God Save The Queen. 'Nuff said.
8. The name - The words 'Northern Ireland' have become synonymous with British rule. I prefer the '6 counties', 'The North' or else 'Ireland's north'. Far better.
9. The 'flag' - What some people regard as being the flag for the NI state is actually a rather ugly and monstrous version of England's flag. It is NOT the flag of NI.
10. Direct Rule - It is a shame that many people in the North (unionists mostly) are content with being ruled from London. Local issues deserve to be dealt with by local politicians.

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own.


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