Friday, May 27, 2005


The Old Pals Act

I see that the upper house of parliament in Germany overwhelmingly approved the EU constitution, two days before French voters have their say on the document in a referendum.

All but one of the country’s 16 states, which are represented in the opposition-controlled upper house, voted in favour of the treaty – giving the charter 66 of 69 possible votes, far more than the necessary two-thirds majority.

German leaders hope the vote will boost French supporters of the constitution ahead of Sunday’s referendum there. Only President Horst Koehler’s signature is required to formally complete ratification.

The old pals act is being employed by the EU bureaucrats in the hope of swaying the French referendum in their favour. I hope the French voters view this cynical exercise by the Germans with contempt. It is a joke that the German people themselves weren't even allowed a say. I'm very proud that I live in a country in which it is forbidden to make constitutional alterations without the consent of the people.

I truly hope the French vote against the EU constitution on the 29th. Opinion polls suggest they will but I still have a feeling that the undecided voters could turn it in favour of the Yes camp. I hope I'm wrong though. The EU constitution is a threat to sovereignty and paves the way for a United States of Europe. I don't want that. I just want a United State of Ireland!


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