Friday, November 11, 2005


Shannon stopover to be phased out

The Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen, has signed an agreement with the US Secretary of Transport, Norman Mineta, which will see the phasing out of the Shannon stopover by April 2008.

The stopover will go under an open skies agreement between the EU and the US due to be finalised next week.

The transition period will begin in November of next year; during that time the number of flights having to stop in Shannon will be reduced to one in four on any scheduled route.

Also three new US destinations will be made available to Aer Lingus.

I guess it's good to see this happen because, if nothing else, it will mean an end to these loony lefties who are on our screens all the time whining and groaning, pissing and moaning about Shannon airport being used by the US military. Some of them actually believe the mythical horseshit about Ireland having a 'tradition of neutrality'. Maybe if they picked up a history book they would realise how misguided they are but they only like to read books about America wanting Iraqi oil, it would seem.

No doubt they'll find some other American thing to protest about. Is a McDonalds boycott on the cards? Hey with these nutcases, anything's possible...


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